bsl signs for transport

How to Sign BSL signs for Transport and Travel

BSL signs for transport and travel are easy to learn. Most of the signs look like the mode of the transport. Children will enjoy learning the signs and using them for songs like ‘wheels on the bus’. You also need to learn transport and travel signs on Ofqual-regulated BSL courses

BSL signs for modes of transport

This video was chosen by our experts as it covers signs from the BSL Level 1 curriculum. The BSL travel signs in this video are bike/bicycle, motorbike, car, bus, lorry, train, airplane, boat, caravan, motorhome.

We have mentioned in previous posts that there are regional variations. For example, Scottish signs such as bus and helicopter are signed differently.

At BSL Level 1 you need to know how you travelled from A to B. For example, how do you travel to work or school? Car? bike?

At BSL Level 2, you need to be more descriptive with transport and travelling. Holidays and travel is a theme on the Level 2 curriculum. You could be assessed on this topic as part of your Level 2 exams.

Transport and travel links to a number of other topics. For example, the forms of transport involve placement of handshapes, timelines, numbers (e.g. money) and weather. There are also signs associated with holidays, such as signs for countries as well as simple signs for words such as seaside, beach and museum.

If you want to practise your receptive skills, Dot Sign Language have a transport quiz.

You can practise in other ways. For example, try to create BSL stories with the suggestions below:

  • Places I have visited at home or aboard…
  • Who I travelled with (e.g. my family/friend)
  • If I had a magic carpet I would use it to travel to…
  • My longest journey was…
  • Best holiday I ever had
  • School Trips