bsl weather signs

BSL Weather signs

Learning BSL weather signs is a great way to start a conversation in BSL. We Brits are obsessed with the weather and let’s be honest – we have lots to talk about because the British climate can vary in one day!

BSL weather signs are shown in the video below created by Alan from Sign Right.

This video was chosen by our experts as it covers signs from the BSL Level 1 curriculum. The BSL weather signs in this video are:

good, fine, nice, lovely, beautiful, wonderful, bad, awful, terrible, miserable, dull, sunny, warm, hot, mild, cool, chilly, cold, freezing, icy, frosty, rainy, wet, humid, dry, foggy, smog, misty, windy, stormy, breezy, lightening, sky, cloudy, clear, bright, blue (sky), grey sky, dark cloud, weather nice today, weather good today, weather awful today, nice weather, weather terrible, nice day, warm today, hot today, cold today, cold and windy today, cloudy and no rain, raining, raining hard, snowing, heavy snow, “rain, wish it would stop”.

As we’ve already mentioned, Brits are always talking about the weather. The Deaf community are no different. It forms an important part of British culture.

Learning BSL weather signs are part of the sign language basics that will help you when meeting native signers as well as in your exams. If you decide to complete your BSL Level 1 qualification, you will be assessed on producing and understanding weather signs so start practising!

How to put BSL signs into a sentence:

BSL has a topic-comment structure. BSL phrases for weather might include:

  • Last weekend, (really) cloudy
  • This month, hope snow
  • When foggy hate driving
  • When thunder and lightning, dogs frightened
  • Today (too) hot for me (use NMFs)
  • Springtime, me always go away
  • Weather warning will (very) windy later
  • All week sunny – me do what? Sunbathe!

BSL Weather signs resources:

Surrey University has a quiz and weather vocabulary clip with a left-handed signer.