1 to 1 sessions

1 to 1 Sessions with a BSL tutor

Why Are 1 To 1 Sessions With A BSL Tutor Useful?

Learners have 1-1 tutorials for different reasons. For example, you may prefer a more personalised approach, or you may have specific goals like working towards an interpreting qualification. You may prefer to boost your confidence in a trusting, comfortable environment. Whatever your reasons, all our recommended tutors are friendly, reliable and qualified to support you to achieve your goals. The time you spend with a tutor is time dedicated to you.

Benefits of 1 to 1 sessions:

  • The focus is on you only (personalised guidance)
  • You benefit from tailored advice and support
  • You have scheduled time and attention that is yours – every week
  • The sessions will be specific to you and your goals
  • Your tutor monitors your progress and focuses support in skill development where it’s needed. You improve with measurable results.

What Do I Get From 1 To 1 Sessions?

The primary aim is to increase your BSL skills so you will need to have some level of BSL in order to benefit from 1 to 1 sessions. 

Most tutors now offer the opportunity to practise your BSL skills online (via Zoom). You may want to practise your receptive skills or the non-manual features of BSL. Or perhaps you need conversation practice before an exam. We only recommend tutors who are registered with Signature, so your tutor can work with you to improve the skills needed to complete BSL assessments.

It is important to know exactly what you want to achieve from your sessions. Your skills development will be discussed with you in your initial session so that further work is carried out with your agreement. You and your tutor will agree on a list of priorities that you wish to work on. You have the freedom to change them as your skills improve.

Your tutor will provide feedback so you know what and how to develop your signing skills. Feedback may be given during the session but it could be exercises you will need to do in your own time. Our list of recommended tutors use a variety of methods to support your learning. All exercises are designed to push you towards success.

1 to 1 sessions are suitable for:

  • Students who need extra practise for BSL assessments
  • Students who want to maintain signing skills in between courses
  • BSL re-sits
  • Nervous or shy students
  • Students with additional needs (who do not feel comfortable learning in a group)
  • BSL Learners on alternating work (shift) patterns
  • A parent with small children
  • CSWs or signers who have taken a career break

You can book a single session or book sessions as a block. 

Some tutors also give you the option of booking tutorials with one other learner if you need to share the cost of the sessions.


The cost of 1 to 1 sessions will vary. Prices start from £15 – £40 for 30 – 60 minutes.

How Do I Book The Sessions?

You can contact tutors directly by visiting their websites. We list a number of registered tutors and course providers who offer 1:1 sessions to BSL learners:


sign say homepage

Signsay are based in London and have excellent reviews on Trustpilot. They also have great reviews on Google. From the reviews alone, we can see that this tutor provides a high quality service to BSL learner.

B.S.L Training

b.s.l training website

BSL Training are based in Kent and is run by native Sign Language tutors, Andrew and Karen. Their range of courses are registered with Signature and they offer one to one sessions for learners who want more specialised support. Karen and Andrew have some great videos on YouTube, some of which have been featured elsewhere on our site.

Dot Sign Language

sign language tutor homepage

Dot Sign Language are registered with Signature and are based in Surrey. They have created a fantastic resource which is free and covers the basic signs from BSL Level 1 vocabulary.

If you prefer to learn in a group (online or classroom-based), you can check out our course library. You can also check out our free resources in our Guides and Tips section. We have a number of posts with information on how to improve the essential skills needed to improve fluency. We also have information about resources (books, websites and videos) that can support learning BSL. Taking control of your learning is the best way to achieve success.

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