BSL Level 6

BSL Level 6 course (Level 6 Certificate In British Sign Language Studies) enables you to develop and understand complex language when using BSL. This is an advanced course so you will need to have regular contact with native sign language users or Level 6 BSL users to complete this course. The course is aimed at learners who intend to use BSL at a professional level.

The course is classroom-based due to the nature of the exercises that you need to do throughout the course. The first part of the course focuses on advanced linguistics so an understanding of BSL linguistics is essential.

You will explore how BSL is used in professional and informal settings

You will cover several complex topics:

  • Medical
  • Finance business
  • Current news
  • Media
  • Politics & law
  • Society
  • Science and technology

You will also cover:

  • Advanced linguistics
  • Live receptive skills

Your skills will be assessed in various ways, and you will be expected to participate in a range of activities such as presentations, discussions, and group debates. You will also take part in discussions with Deaf community members.

For assessments, you will need to film discussions with individuals from your local Deaf community. If you are unable to do this, we will provide participants. However, please be aware that participants may charge for their time. We anticipate that you may incur a charge of up to £30 for a participant to attend your filmed assessment.

Once you have completed your BSL level 6 qualification, you will be able to progress to the Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting.