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BSL Books and learning resources

BSL books and other learning resources can really help with your learning, particularly if you have a preferred learning style. Your learning style determines how you access information. For example, you may prefer to listen or you may prefer to watch and copy. Whatever your learning style, we have listed a range of resources that can help you on your journey from BSL Basics to BSL fluency.

Table of Contents

BSL Books for Beginners:

Books can be useful for explaining new concepts. The books listed below are recommended for beginners up to Level 2 competency.

Sign Language for Dummies

Deaf Books

Let’s Sign Dictionary

Signs make Sense

Sign Language Companion

BDA Dictionary

Resources for Level 2 Learners

Some students find expressing emotions in BSL quite difficult. We have highlighted a great video by a deaf tutor who explains how to express emotions in BSL. The clip is aimed at Level 2 signers who will understand what the tutor is explaining in the clip


Advanced learning resources for Level 3 onwards

Linguistics is taught at earlier stages in BSL learning as it is essential for developing receptive skills. As you develop your understanding of British Sign Language, you also need to develop a deeper understanding of linguistics. These resources will help you with finer points such as classifiers and directional verbs.

BSL Tutor

The Linguistics of BSL

Deaf poetry

Dot Miles was a poet pioneer and showed how BSL could be used creatively. Deaf poetry is a part of the storytelling experience in Deaf Culture

Dot Miles


Deaf Culture

There are many features of Deaf Culture that students need to learn to understand the Deaf world. The resources listed below give you a glimpse of the lived experience within the Deaf Community.

Inside Deaf Culture

Mother Father Deaf


Seeing Voices by Oliver Sacks

The sign community website gives you information about deaf history and the connection to other sign languages across the globe:

Sign Community

Deaf jokes

Visual Vernacular is a beautiful art form that emphasises the visual nature of BSL:


BSL Sign Bank

BSL Zone

Christian Signs

I.T Signs

National Curriculum topics

Sign BSL

Signed BBC programmes on iplayer

Sign Dictionary


Spread the Sign

TheatreTech Signs


BSL Apps

Signed Stories

National Curriculum Topics

Mobile Sign

BSL Hands

Sign Dictionary

Deaf organisations:


Hearing Dogs for the Deaf



This list will continue to grow as more resources are added. Are you aware of any websites or books we should add to the list?

You can get in touch via our contact page if you have additional resources to share with BSL learners.

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