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where can I play free BSL games Online?

Bsl games online can be difficult but if you know where to look, you can test your skills and improve them while you play! There is plenty of research that shows embedding what you learn is much easier if you gamify learning.

Fingerspelling Games:

Need to practise fingerspelling? There are lots of sites that offer some form of bsl fingerspelling game. For example, Dot Sign Language have created exercises to test your receptive skills. The presenters fingerspell a word and then you type in the answer.

bsl quiz

BSL Signbank has a challenging fingerspelling game that allows you to change the speed of the letters. This online game is great as it uses human handshapes and not drawn hand outlines like other games.

Sign Language Forum also has a fingerspelling game that tests how many fingerspelled words you can get in 2 minutes.

bsl fingerspelling game

BSL Quizzes

There are a number of quizzes that test skills and knowledge. For example, Sign bank have a quiz that tests your knowledge of colours, countries and place names round the UK. The quiz is most suitable for learners on a BSL Level 3 course because you need to be aware of sign variations.

The awarding body, Signature also has a number of quizzes

Signworld has a number of quizzes to test your receptive skills and fingerspelling skills


Some quizzes have been created by students to help with BSL assessments. We found three online games

Student created quizzes

BSL flashcards – Brainscape


BSL Linguistics crossword

The crossword below is for more advanced BSL students who like a challenge! You will need to know the grammatical principles of BSL?