BSL signs for hobbies

BSL signs for hobbies and leisure activities

What are the BSL signs for hobbies and leisure activities? When you start learning BSL for a qualification, you need to learn the BSL signs for leisure activities so you can practise conversations using the signs. There are lots of resources online and we have picked the best to ensure you get the right information. Check out the videos below for BSL signs associated with hobbies and leisure activities.

BSL signs for Hobbies and leisure activities:

This video is by Minna from SignHow based in Manchester. The video is aimed at Level 1 but can be used by Level 2 students too. This is a really useful video as Minna shows you what the translation looks like when it is written down. Minna signs the sentence then shows you the written translation from English to BSL.

The breakdown from English to BSL is intended to help you understand the structure of BSL. Minna also explains that facial expressions are part of BSL so you need to include those too. Knowing the sentence structure and signs is not enough; you need the right facial expressions to show how you are feeling. The signed sentences are:

0:36 My boyfriend its really handy with a sewing machine, he made me new curtains. 0:46 Once a month I go dancing with my friends.

0:58 Growing up I played the piano every day. I really don’t like bowling, its boring. On holiday I like looking in museums. My boyfriend plays rugby I really enjoy going to restaurants and gossiping with my friends My sister supports Liverpool and regularly goes to watch matches My niece is an amazing baker, she should sell her cakes Every morning I check Facebook and twitter on my mobile

I go to the cinema every 2 weeks I don’t read newspapers, I read the news on my mobile I love sky TV because I can record my programs I go to the cinema now and again I rarely watch football

The following clips from the video show the written translation from English to BSL for each sentence:

1:36 My boyfriend is really handy with a sewing machine.. 1:39 Once a month I go dancing with my friends..’1:42 On holiday I like looking around museums 1:45 I don’t like bowling… 1:48 Growing up I played piano everyday

3:03 My boyfriend plays rugby 3:06 I enjoy going to restaurants with my friends 3:12 My niece is an amazing baker.. 3:15 Facebook and twitter on my mobile 4:12 I go to the cinema every two weeks 4:15 I don’t read newspapers…

4:21 I rarely watch football 4:24 I go to the cinema now and again

sport activities

BSL signs for other leisure activities

Below is a video showing the BSL signs for sports activities (by Dan from Commanding Hands):

This video has been chosen by our tutors who like this video because Dan shows the correct handshapes for each of the sports signs. The video shows the BSL sign for:

0:18 sport 0:38 badminton 0:50 basketball 1:01 boxing 1:11 cricket 1:24 cycling 1:37 football 1:50 golf 2:03 hockey 2:18 horse riding 2:35 ice hockey 2:51 rugby 3:04 running 3:16 skiing 3:29 snooker 3:43 swimming 3:58 tennis 4:18 wrestling 4:32 player 4:44 team 4:59 coach or trainer 5:13 match (competition) 5:25 goal 5:39 practice or training

Tutor’s tip: When you sign a sport sign you also mouth the English word associated with the sign. This is because the sign is a noun that has been ‘borrowed’ from English. However, be aware that signing a sport and signing someone playing a sport is completely different. Facial expressions act like adverbs so you need to add facial expressions to your signs to show action.

Other resources with BSL Signs for hobbies and leisure:

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Paper-based BSL resources:

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