How to Sign Work signs in British Sign Language (BSL)

What are work signs in British Sign Language (BSL)? How do you say ‘I am a nurse’ or my son works for the police? Work signs are important because they help to describe you to describe your role and also help you provide good customer service. And if you work with deaf people who use BSL, you’ll be able to make them feel more included by learning signs you can use at work.

This clip from YouTube shows you how to sign a number of work-related BSL signs by Sign Right:

We have listed the type of vocabulary you need to know in BSL:

work, part-time, full time, shift work, office, shop, factory, school, college, university, bank, hospital, job/work, training, impossible, same, how long?, job centre, promoted, classroom, wages/salary, own business, experience, qualification, self-employed, strike,

Work Roles in BSL

cleaner, social worker, doctor, accountant, secretary/office, interpreter, gardener, driver, caretaker, teacher, dinner lady, waiter/waitress, fire fighter, driver, postman/woman, engineer, mechanic, plumber, researcher, welder, farmer, assistant, vicar, carpenter, builder, chef, boss/manager, supervisor, interview, soldier/army, police officer, taxi driver, artist, retired, redundant, skill, student, nurse, butcher

There are also customer service signs for when you meet deaf customers and clients. We have chosen the video by commanding hands as Dan shows a number of useful signs to learn if you work with the public:

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