5 BSL level 2 videos to support your receptive skills

No need to trawl the internet for receptive skills videos! We have 5 BSL Level 2 receptive skills videos to help you with learning BSL.

BSL receptive skills story 1:

All the answers to the questions are at the bottom of the page. no cheating! Try to watch the video, then scroll down to get the story and the answers to the questions

BSL receptive skills story 2

This story is short (30 seconds long) but worth it! There are no questions but you can leave your translation in the comments below.

BSL receptive skills story 3

This video follows the format of Signature exams. It would be useful to practise receptive skills under exam conditions and see how you get on. The answers will be at the bottom of the page.

BSL receptive skills story 4: A birthday surprise

This is an older video (circa 2007) but it is still worth watching to practise your receptive skills.

BSL receptive skills story 5: the missing dog

This is also an older video from when Signature used to be known as the CACDP

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